Play Super Mario and Yoshi Eggs

15 levels of egg hoarding madness await you. You have to click the rocks to setup the platforms so that the eggs will roll down the right path towards Mario. If you do not setup the path correctly, the eggs will fall into oblivion never to be seen again. You can restart (button at bottom right) if you mess up. Note that sometimes you do not have to click the rock at all as some platforms will actually hinder you mission

Yoshi eggs are inside a net on the tree. Yoshi and Mario are working together to get the eggs down from the tree and deliver them home. Yoshi is going to use his powerful tail to shake the tree so eggs will fall from the tree. Mario, on the other hand, will try to catch the eggs. Help the eggs roll to Mario successfully without being eaten by Bowser or roll to other places. Enjoy this great Mario type physic game.Yoshi Eggs are very hard to find!” —Yoshi, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe manual. Yoshi’s Eggs, also known as Yoshi eggs or simply Eggs, are involved in most games featuring Yoshis. Yoshis are known for being capable of laying eggs at will

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